Get Bugging!

As the rosy fingers of dawn etc etc, this is the day we’ve been waiting for. GET BUGGING!

Go forth, dear Buggers, and enjoy the illicit thrill of eavesdropping wherever you are. Our ten core writers will be in locations from Italy to Derby, in the pub and in hospitals, in rehearsals and in the supermarket. And the rest of you, the hundreds who we know are out there, will be in graveyards and on canalboats; in meetings and seminars; at family dinners and in pub quizzes. We know, because some of you told us.

Keeping an ear to the ground

Still fearful that you ‘won’t hear anything interesting’? Oh, come on! Even the most mundane overhearing can be the kernel of a wonderful piece of writing. We are giving you license to invent a fascinating back story. If you overhear someone saying ‘I’m sorry, I can’t make it tonight’ then what are they missing? An Alcoholics Anonymous meeting – a cross-dressing convention – a meeting with the ex-husband? Don’t fret. Just install yourself in a bus station, a coffee shop, a pub or a park – and re-acquaint yourself with the writerly skill of listening.

Listen for jargon which might sound familiar to you, but could be mysterious to others – ‘Yes, the DPM and the MOD are meeting tomorrow about the P223 plans.’ Listen for exasperation or mystery – ‘To be fair, if he doesn’t shave his toe I’m not walking with him’ (that’s a real one) – or listen for the back story: ‘No madam, as I have told you before….’

Keep your ears open...

And if you are thinking that you might not bother, because you aren’t really good enough, then take it from us: we’ve judged competitions and edited journals, and many great writers exclude themselves simply because they don’t submit. Don’t be anxious – just enjoy the day and help us to make Bugged a huge success by sending us some work before August 15th. We want to be swamped with brilliant new work.

How do you do that? The submission form and details are up on our Submissions page (see the tabs above), and have a look at our FAQ if there is anything still befuddling you. It’s really very simple. Enjoy. Write. Share.

Keep in touch with us on Twitter (@BuggedProject) and Facebook (Bugged), let us know where you are and what you’ve heard. Send us pictures of the places you’re in to For the next few days we’ll be posting these things… and then this site will be given over to YOUR writing. So the sooner you get writing, the better eh? And if you doubt how much pleasure your ears can give, have a look at this little fellow who just heard his mum’s voice for the first time.   Now then you Buggers – dust off that ear trumpet and get out to hear things!


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