One of our Bugs is a Buffoon…

Jo Bell repents

A small public admission of idiocy…. Those of you who have had difficulty submitting, may have been confused by a fault in the submission form which has now been corrected. This is entirely the fault of Jo Bell who will now be forced to wear a hair shirt and read The Da Vinci Code every day until August 15th.

For those of you who submitted and suspect we didn’t get your work, please bear with us and do it once again. The work we’ve had so far is brilliant and full of variety – keep it coming! Another post tomorrow, from the far more intelligent David Calcutt.

1 thought on “One of our Bugs is a Buffoon…

  1. “What rhymes with watercress Nan?”
    “You writing more of that poetry rubbish?”
    “Get on with your knitting!”
    “Try supporterless”
    Hmmm… I think stress would be more appropriate.

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