The Garden of Bugged Delights

There’s been a wonderful  response to our competition, and many of you have written in telling us what it is that delights you. Among the delights you’ve told is about are: warm pavements, trees, red shoes and the smell of books.  There’s still a little time to send these in, although the competition does close at midday tomorrow (Sunday 18th June). Not long after that, the name of the lucky winner of a copy of The Writer’s Block will be announced.

What delights us of course, is reading the many excellent poems, stories and scripts you’re sending in, and you can read a further selection of these here,  July 17th , where there are poems, a story and flash fiction from Jon Andriessen, Jan Arnold, Bob Hill, Alison J. Littlewood, Andrew Philip, Fran Martel and Bosey Manumba. We’ve also been receiving more pieces from our core writers, and we’ll posting some of these shortly. The only core writers we have to have a stern word with are a certain Jo Bell and David Calcutt, from whom we’ve heard nothing, despite repeated emails and texts demanding they set a good example and send in their pieces.  Rumour has it they haven’t even started writing yet. Shame on them. They really ought to know better.

3 thoughts on “The Garden of Bugged Delights

  1. Thank you, core of Bugged! I’m delighted to be included, not least because the project has certainly given me more than just a poem: it’s got me listening and looking again in a way I realise I’d almost ceased to do.

    (Kinda reluctant to mention this, but there’s only one L in my surname, by the way!)

    • Andrew – delighted [!] to hear this. We hoped that exactly that would happen – that writers of all levels would be encouraged to practise paying attention to the world around them. Seems to be working! Sorry about your surname, we’ll make sure it’s right if we put you in the book! Thanks for your submission.

  2. More good stuff in the latest clutch. My personal favourite, the one that moved me: Fran Martel’s ‘They have yellow sheets’.

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