Core blimey

This is the point where some of you will be thinking of giving up. Don’t! The perfect moment to write your piece may never arrive: so start it on the bus, in a queue for your Lottery ticket, in the bath. That’s all very well, you may say – but while I am slaving over a hot keyboard, what have the Bugged core writers been up to? (see Blogroll, right). Well, some of them are lolling about on chaise-longues, eating peeled grapes and not doing their homework. We know this, because we are them.

Others, very wisely, were at their desks by dusk on July 1st and we have been waiting for the right moment to post some examples. Today – ta-dah! we reveal work from Mil Millington, Ian Marchant and David Gaffney – all, as it happens, pieces to make you smile as well as think. It’s in our crazily-named file Core writers – July 25th. In our next post on Thursday, you’ll see the final story in David Gaffney’s sequence, plus a script from Steph Dale – and you’ll hear about a new publication from another writer close to our hearts. To find out more about these writers click here (and if Bugged is news to you, look here to see how it works). If you’re struggling to work an overhearing into a piece of your own writing, these pieces should give you an idea of how it can be done. Bear in mind that you don’t have to quote it directly – so long as it sparks the piece off.

Meanwhile another of our gang, Jenn Ashworth is still collecting material for her own online project at Wirral Stories – and we are delighted to see that Andrew Philip and Lorraine Mariner, both supporters of Bugged, were shortlisted this week for the Seamus Heaney Centre Prize for Poetry. Congratulations.

Good overhearings are coming in – because as you know, you can still collect your overhearings and write from them now, so long as your work comes to us by August 15th. We like:

‘One of them had a glass back, and the other tried to kill you.’

‘That’s six inches by anyone’s reckoning,’

‘I’m all about customer service. I’m 100% about customer service. Customer service means everything to me.’

‘….threatened him with a hammer. And they didn’t even take anything!’

We have well over 100 pieces of brand new writing sitting in our files now, and continue to be overwhelmed by the success of our single idea; but it may be that you are saving the best till last. Don’t get it right – get it written. And come back on Thursday for news of another writerly prize….

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