Racing Towards the Finish

It’s 7th August which means that there’s just over a week to go before the deadline for submitting work to Bugged, which is noon on Sunday, 15th August. So there’s not much more to say other than if you are still working on something to submit, do make sure you send it to us on time.

There are two new posts here today. The  first features work by Phillippa Barker, Angi Holden, Rebecca Audra Smith and Tim Woodhouse – three poems and a short story. You can read their work here Best of Bugged August 7th.  The second is a piece by another of our core writers, playwright, essayist and long-time “Archers” scriptwriter, Mary Cutler, which you can read here Core Writer August 7th. There’s work by just two more core writers to come, and we hope to be featuring those in the next posting. And more selections from your submitted work of course.

Thank you to all those who have also contributed to our competitions, and we hope you’ve enjoyed taking part in those, and congratulations to the  winners. We hope you’ve enjoyed your prizes.

4 thoughts on “Racing Towards the Finish

  1. I really liked Mary Cutler’s piece, ‘I grow old, I grow old’. It’s definitely one of the best of the best of ‘Bugged’ in my view. Perhaps I connect with it particularly because I too am from the pre-Facebook generation. It always amazes me that when I email family news, it turns out to be old news because the jungle drums have been throbbing via Facebook with my grown-up children in contact with all their cousins. I’ve thought of signing up myself so I can keep closer tabs, but the looks of horror have deterred me so far!

    ‘Bugged’ has been a tremendously exciting inter-active project with some remarkable talents coming to the fore, and I hope the anthology does well. Maybe other writers will be encouraged to try something similar.

  2. How nice to read Paul Beech’s comments. I, too, am pre Facebook (until about a month ago when my daughter insisted I have a page!) and am still glassy eyed when there is talk of twitter. Blogs don’t come easy as Jo and David can verify as my Bugged submissions went here, there and everywhere. I think the whole Bugged experience is inspired and inspiring and hope that all the efforts of the team will not now fade into oblivion after 15th and “the book”. So thanks too to all of them for their work and commitment to the project.

    • Maggie – so good to know that we are ‘inspired and inspiring’ and you are by no means the only one befuddled by the submission process, it’s probably our fault. After the 15th the blog will keep going and we hope will be livelier than ever – look here soon for more info!

  3. Having listened intently on July 1st, I was struck by how very dull the conversations around me were. Only weeks later, when I saw all my scribblings from that day together on the page, did it occur to me how dangerous even a boring conversation can be when taken completely out of context. Which, I suppose was the point of the project in the first place, but then I never was very quick on the uptake.
    At any rate, I would like to thank Jo and David for such a very interesting and different project. It made me think in new ways, and a deadline is always a helpful thing for such a lazy writer as myself. I know how hard they have worked and how much work is still ahead of them.
    Good luck guys. It’s been great.

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