Please Remain Calm

Panic? Us? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...... ha ha...

We were feeling rather pleased with ourselves this morning. We had definitely told all of you who ARE in the Bugged book. We thought we had also managed to inform everyone who didn’t make it into the book, with an email which we hoped would convey our pride and thanks.

But no. There was, of course, a failing in our cunning system of address-keeping – and of course it showed up only at the last moment. So to the few of you who were waiting for our decision till the very last moment, we apologise from the heart of our bottom. One or two of you may have fallen through the net even now – so if you haven’t yet heard from us….. then I’m afraid to tell you that you aren’t in the book. We read and discussed every submission, and on the way to our 54 final choices we made some very difficult decisions!

More of this soon – and if you are disappointed not to be in the book, you may yet appear on this blog as we select new material to post from the backlog. In the meantime, this is just a quick update to say thanks to all of you who submitted – normal service will be resumed later this week!

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