Judge this book by its cover

Ladies, gentlemen and people of more dubious upbringing – ta-dah! Behold, our book cover. On the outside, the names of our ten commissioned writers/editors. Inside, 44 others – and if you are one of the 300 who fell by the wayside, we hope at least that you might find your overhearing on the cover. Well done to all of you, and especially to those writers who do appear in the book: Helen Addy, Sara-Jane Arbury, Andrew Bailey, Mollie Baxter, Julie Boden, Ruskin Brown, Cathy Bryant, Dorothy Burgess, Helen Calcutt, Marilyn Donovan, Lucy Douglas, Jude d’Souza, Ian Duhig, Jo Field, Marilyn Francis, Sarah Gallagher, Roz Goddard, Susannah Hart, Angi Holden, Andy Jackson, Sarah James, Lucy Jeynes, Charlie Jordan, Calum Kerr, Emma Lannie, Pippa Little, Liz Loxley, Rob A Mackenzie, James Mason, Lynsey May, Emma Morgan, Ray Morgan, Benjamin Morris, Lynda Nash, Samantha Newbury, Kate Noakes, Alicia Ogg, Valerie O’Riordan, Emma Purshouse, Jacqui Rowe, Rosie Sandler, Sandra Tappenden, Val Thompson, Susie Wild and Philip Williams. These names include published writers, regional laureates, award-winning bloggers and some entirely new faces. All were included solely on merit, and by joint decision of the two editors. 

Whether you’re in it or not, take a moment to add yourself to our map. If you have a Google account (or five minutes to create one) then log in, go here to see our lovely map dotted with little bugs, and add a placemark of your own to tell us where you did your overhearing. It’s lovely to see all the dots building up, and gives a real sense of us as a nation of eavesdroppers, snooping across the whole of the UK.

Wild writing, wild tights

This week work from Emma Lee, Tamara Cohen and Janet Smith has been showcased. Meanwhile we’re delighted to hear that Susie Wild, who has a small-but-perfectly-formed-poem in our book, has also launched her collection of short stories The Art of Contraception. She and her publisher Bright Young Things have kindly agreed to let us have a copy for one of you to win.

This one is only available for those of you who are NOT in the Bugged book – so here’s your mission… your life story in six words please. Attach it to this blog as a comment, or to our Facebook page – hell, you can even fit it in a Tweet to @BuggedProject – and get it to us before Sunday to win a copy of Susie’s book.

(PS some of you want to run a promotional event for the Bugged book, or even just an evening at the local library to share it with an audience. We’ll be posting a press release and an e-flyer to send to libraries, here on the website in the next few days. Brace yourselves….)

23 thoughts on “Judge this book by its cover

  1. My life in six words?

    Read, learnt, kissed, worked, bought, made.

    See you soon (will email you in the week to sort out a Bugged event at the library)

    A x

  2. Six words? OK.


    You can almost see Olivia Newton-John doing star-jumps and chanting it.


    • It just occurred to me that this makes it sound like a got someone pregnant and then ran off. Can I change my answer please, Bob?

  3. Incidentally… I notice that there seems almost to be some sort of eavesdropping cartel along the M6 corridor. Is the conversation over there really that interesting?


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