We name this book…


Popping our cork. As it were.


….BUGGED!  The first of our two launches took place today in Manchester, where we were honoured to open the Manchester Literature Festival programme. Our readers came down from Edinburgh, up from London, east from


The littlest Bugger of all


Wales, west from Derby… they were Jenn Ashworth (right, with McTiny), Cathy Bryant, Dorothy Burgess, Emma Morgan, Susannah Hart, Emma Lannie, Liz Loxley, Ian Marchant, Lynsey May, Angi Holden, Alicia Ogg, Calum Kerr, Valerie O’Riordan and Phil Williams. Every one observed our dire warning to stick to a 3-minute reading – although for the prose writers this sometimes meant cutting their work in half. We made’em laugh, we made’em cry, and most importantly we made’em buy books.

We’re not finished yet – we opened Manchester Literature Festival, and we close the Birmingham Book Festival next Thursday evening at the Ikon Gallery. Programme Director, Sara Beadle writes:

“The Birmingham Book Festival was very excited by the initial idea of Bugged. It remains one of the most fresh and inventive writing projects we’ve heard of. The Birmingham Book Festival focuses on interesting ideas and writers who think, write and talk about the things that are really challenging in our times and relevant in our lives. This year’s programme is no exception, with the likes of Fatima Bhutto, Gareth Peirce, Dominic Sandbrook, David Shukman, John Lanchester, Jonathan Coe, and Lionel Shriver amongst a cast of many others. Aside from the authors we are featuring, there is also a broad workshop programme (including a dark afternoon within Ikon Eastside’s new installation,  Hitchcock’s Hallway), and events in partnership with The Drum, Punch Records, Birmingham Libraries, The RSA, SHOUT Festival and 7 Inch Cinema.”

“It is our pleasure to close our eleventh Festival with the launch of the anthology and we can’t wait to hear the results of this eavesdropping experiment. We are sure that an evening with Bugged and its writers will prove hilarious and no doubt moving, if the early indications are anything to go by. We have watched in admiration as the project has gathered momentum and are proud to be hosting a public celebration of its success.”

Want a copy of the book? Here’s how.

  • The best way is to buy it direct at the Birmingham launch. No postage!
  • Or… order direct from us to get the special edition version (chunkier, nicer, quicker – and the same price) until we run out. If you submitted work to Bugged – whether you are in the book or not – the price is £4.99, plus postage. If you didn’t, it’s £5.99 and serve you right! Email submit@bugged.org.uk and let us know how many you want, where to send them, and whether you want to pay by PayPal or cheque.
  • Once we’ve run out of special edition copies, buy the standard version (lighter in weight, but still lovely) at the same price from CompletelyNovel or Amazon – ignore the ‘out of stock’ warning, which appears because it’s a print-on-demand book. If you order from these sources, you’ll be waiting longer for your book – about a fortnight… but it’s still a gem!

Now then…. Birmingham, are you ready for us?

Look! A book! and launch details…

Here it is…. a bouncing baby book! And at last we can say…. our book launches this week. Click HERE or click on the ‘Book launches’ tab above to see our invite, with full details of both Manchester and Birmingham launches. Places are FREE but it will really help us if you can book – phone numbers and online details are included. Please send details to anyone you want to invite – either by sending them to the launch page, or sending this Bugged launch invitation.

For those of you watching in black and white – the Bugged project was one day of universal eavesdropping across the UK on July 1st, followed by six frenzied weeks of writing and submissions. Then the writers sat back, and the editors had six frenzied weeks of editing and working with the designer/publisher on the book. It looks lovely and we’re really proud.

Several of you are trying to buy it already, bless your hearts. It’s not on sale yet because we haven’t launched it yet, see?  The best place to buy the book is at one of the launches because a) you’ll get a special edition – slightly chunkier than the standard b) you won’t have to pay postage and c) you can get it straight away.

If you can’t get to Manchester or Birmingham, you’ll soon be able to buy it online. And if you submitted to Bugged – whether you are in the book or not – you get £1 off. We’ll be sending out a discount code in the next few days – email us at submit@bugged.org.uk if you haven’t received yours by Wednesday.