Poetry, Prose and A Script!

What do you think he’s saying?

Here at BUGGED we’re getting very good at coming up with imaginative, playful and arresting titles for our selections from recent submissions.  This one is called July 10th and includes work by Catherine Almond, Nina Boyd,  Helen Calcutt, Jonathan Hatfull, Liz Loxley, Ken McGrath and Fiona Spencer. As you’ll gather from the above title,  there’s a good variety of poetry, prose and drama in today’s selection, and all the pieces of the usual high quality, so there’ll be something for everyone to enjoy, we hope. In this case we have withdrawn it from the web site because one of the poets wants to publish a piece of work – but we can send it to you by email if you wish, with the item in question removed.

The only difficulty we’re having now is actually making these selections, as there is so much good material coming in, and not everything that deserves to be has been  posted yet. So, as we wrote last time, if you’ve submitted, and your work isn’t here, do be patient, and do keep logging on, because it may well be posted in the future. There’s still plenty of time to go. And if you’re ready to submit, do go to our Submission form and follow the instructions there, and send it off. We’re looking forward to reading it. And reading your work, and discovering just how many talented writers there are across the UK, is for us the most enjoyable part of this project.

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