You Show Us Yours…

Where will you be? At the Bull Ring...

Hello all you Buggers. Are you a new Bug? Have a look at The Basics (right) or click here. As for you old hands, quite a few of you have written to tell us where you’ll be on Eavesdropping Day (1st July), and it does make for an interesting and varied list of places. There’s the gym, the library, art gallery, museum, cafe. There’s the canal – by it and on it – the old fire station – with actors! –  the six year old’s birthday party – noisy! – and the graveyard – which might  be fairly quiet.  And one of you will even be auditioning for Allo Allo, the musical….

....on the stage with thesps....

Now, while it’s good to hear about the places you’ll be,  we thought it would be even better to see where you’ll be. So if you’re willing, we’d like you to take a photo of the place where you’ll be doing your eavesdropping – if you can – or, if you can’t (because you’re not there yet) – a place where you’ve already done some successful practice eavesdropping. Just take a quick snap on your digital camera or mobile phone, and send it to: Then we’ll post them, and make our site look a little brighter. We might also use a few of them as a writing exercise later on. Do remember though not to include people’s faces, unless you have their permission. There’s a prize, by the way… read on….

Writer Michael Holden was listening at doorways, in cafes and on the Tube when Bugged was not yet a glint in our eye, and posting the results in his brilliant weekly Guardian column All Ears. He’s listening in on us too – he sent us his latest gem, “He said, he had an idea of his own about Salvador Dali’s dry cleaner.” Michael has kindly offered us a signed copy of the current All Ears book: and that, dear Buggers, is our prize. So send us a pic of your eavesdropping venue.  Watching the footie in the pub, sitting at the bus station…. whatever…. with no recognisable faces (or if there are you must confirm that you have the consent of all those shown).

....or with the National Women's Register committee?

Send a photo to before next Sunday, June 21st. Include in your email your postal address, a little information about the location shown in your photo, and tell us who you’d like the book dedicated to – because, dear winner, lovely Michael will sign the book for you and only you – or your mum, dad or gerbil. Off you go – cameras at the ready!

David Calcutt and Jo Bell

1 thought on “You Show Us Yours…

  1. Great to see the National Women’s Register! I knew it as NHR about forty years ago when it was a lifeline to me as a newcomer to Reading. Long may it thrive, whatever its name.

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